Pruning and Diagnostic Services

Life and growing plants can be messy. As rich as they are, things can feel chaotic when they become surrounded by overgrowth. We help ecologically-minded (and sometimes overwhelmed) people restore order and beauty in their yards. We give guidance and beautifully prune plants so you can feel happy about your yard.


We specialize in the pruning, maintenance, and restoration of small trees, orchards, shrubs, vines, climbing roses, and native plants. Our crew’s hand-pruning services include reconstructing and training, rehabilitating neglected plants, composting and mulching. Please see our FAQ page (coming soon) to familiarize yourself with projects that may be outside our scope of practice.

For a free 20-minute consultation in your yard, please get in touch.

Tree Triage

A one-hour Diagnostic Visit with Corva.

If you see something happening with specific plants in your yard and are wondering “what’s wrong, is this plant sick, is there an insect problem?” we suggest scheduling a diagnostic visit. Corva will identify the root cause of what’s going on in your yard and determine your next step — be that taking samples, a do-it-yourself solution, hiring our crew to prune, or providing a referral for the most appropriate specialist.

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