The plant world is so rich, revealing itself the more we observe. In every yard, something is growing, buzzing, alive under the sun. Even in the madness of late-summer vines or a bulging, herbaceous hedge, plants help our nervous systems relax! Plants are good medicine!

If, like many people, you don’t know where to start with your yard, we hope to entice you to learn the art and science of pruning. Sometimes we need fresh eyes to help reveal and nurture what is already there. Corva Rose loves guiding folks in becoming better acquainted with plants — horticulturally and energetically — with her tools in hand, pruning along the way. Having spent over thirty years working

with plants, she has a visceral understanding of a plant’s needs, that muscle memory akin to xylem pulsing through a tree trunk.

You too can become familiar with how plants relate to each other, empowered in caring for your yard, and find momentum to fall in love with your space. If you are ecologically-minded and craving answers, Corva consults and mentors individuals according to the direction you wish to go, so that you can more deeply enter relationship with your plants.

Creative Consultation

Two hours with Corva and follow-up call, $250

For a free 20-minute consultation in your yard, please get in touch.

If you look out at your yard and wonder “What’s going on out there, should I be doing something…and if yes, what are the possibilities?”, we suggest this design consultation, especially if you are in a new residence or are feeling inspired to get back into your yard. During this service, Corva can assess the health of your site and identify existing plants. Next, guided by the idea that informed care can reinvigorate a garden, Corva will help you get clear on what aspects you would like to keep ‘as is’ and collaborate on how to make changes. You will come away from this service with an understanding of optimal care for your existing plants; appropriate new tree and plant selection and placement; design suggestions such as placement and construction of pathways, trellises, and arbors — all charted on a hand-drawn map and calendar for the coming year.

Pruning Mentorship

Five two-hour sessions with Corva.

If you are curious about learning to do aesthetic pruning and restoration work, Corva would love to teach you through this new one-on-one program! The pruning mentorship begins with a Creative Consultation in the location of your choosing, during which you can set out your goals for the mentorship, and then plays out over four educational work visits, spread throughout one year. Contact Corva if you are interested in joining the discounted pilot program.

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