A few words about us

Founded in 1993, Divine Earth serves residential and commercial properties in and around Albuquerque, NM. We specialize in the pruning, maintenance, and restoration of small trees, orchards, shrubs, vines, climbing roses and native plants. Our mission is to work in relationship with you – our customers—and the natural world to foster beauty, health, and resiliency in your gardens.

Our company is an artistically minded, eco-conscious and customer-focused business. Divine Earth is co-owned by Corva Rose and Frances Lucero. Corva is a Certified Arborist, professional Aesthetic Pruner and member of the International Society of Arboriculture with decades of experience. Frances Lucero keeps the financials running smoothly so the rest of the staff can rummage around in the shrubbery and get leaves in their hair. Our staff are fun, communicative, kind, conscientious, diligent, and delightful plant nerds.

It all began...

… when Corva started an organic gardening business in Oakland, CA using her bike and an aluminum trailer. After training in aesthetic pruning classes at Merritt College with Dennis Makishima and Michael Alliger, her focus narrowed in on the vast world of pruning. She relocated to Albuquerque in 1999, adapting her business and approach to the high desert climate. Drawing from her backgrounds in art history, permaculture, sacred geometry, and arboriculture, Corva’s unique style blends art and science. She and the crew have a deep commitment to the divine plants they work with, and enjoy cultivating relationships with their customers over the decades.

Before Corva and her crew came, our yard was so overgrown that we didn’t even know we had a second gate! They worked quietly and methodically, and now we have not only a gate but space to walk and move. There’s more light than ever coming into our house.
North Valley
The summer after Ms. Rose pruned the grape vines behind my house, they simply outdid themselves, producing masses of beautiful grapes in dangling bunches. Truly Ms. Rose has the Divine Touch and I am most grateful.

Our Core Values

Are you curious about what we offer, and how you could work with us?

Are you curious about
what we offer, and
how you could work with us?

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