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Now is a good time to hug a tree...

No joke, it’s so soothing to the nervous system, you might wanna stay there all day!

But first, before you fall asleep under your tree (seriously, try it!) I’d like to fill you in on what we’re doing over here at Divine Earth.

The Nutshell:

In keeping with the spirit of the Governor’s “Stay at Home” directive, and in order to use this time to realign and pause, Divine Earth will be going into conscious dormancy for May + June, and I will be on sabbatical.

The Longer Version:

I know that this pandemic and the resulting chaos has thrown everyone a curve ball, or two hundred curve balls. And I know that you’re reading (or choosing not to read!) many statements from businesses about how they’re responding to this crisis. So I want to make this as quick and clear as possible, because most everyone has limited bandwidth right now.

Still with me?

I got in a pretty bad fender bender on March 12, up on Tramway. My sweet truck was totaled, I sold it for parts (including the awesome rack…I know…brutal), and I’ve been healing up from a mild concussion, whiplash, and shock. The reason I wanted to share this is that the impact of that (literally!) just as the curve of the pandemic was rising here in Albuquerque, slowed me right the heck down. Stopped me in my tracks. And made me take a good hard look at what I’m doing, where I’m going, and how fast my own personal world was spinning.

Many people are saying they’re looking more deeply at what’s really meaningful to them right now, and having insights about what needs to change. A lot of folks are talking about how slowing down has been a gift, and something they don’t want to lose. Maybe you’re one of these people? If so, I bow to you. I see you. Or maybe all this talk about looking inward and slowing down scares the bejeezus outa you, or pisses you off? If so, I bow to you as well. I see you too. It’s been a crazy time, with emotions all over the place.

I have come to the conclusion that what’s most important to me right now is to Pause. Completely pause. Every member of the crew is in a good situation and has been taken care of in one way or another, that was very important to me. I don’t have a truck right now. And this pandemic is still making it not completely safe or sane for me to be ‘out there’ right now. So it’s a perfect time to pause, reflect, re-align, and get grounded here in my own garden.

I’ve been wishing for a sabbatical for a couple of years now, and it’s actually appearing! What will I do with my time? Not sure exactly, but my garden and the microbiome underneath it are calling me. I might just lie on the mulch and stare at the clouds! One way or another, I’ll be listening to what the divine earth is asking of me. Will you join me?

Sending you all love and warmth during this powerful time,

rose image credit: Marcelo Gallegos @ niceghost.org

  • So what can you do if you need garden help over the next two months?
    Click here to go to our resources page.
  • How long will this Pause last, and when will Divine Earth re-open?
    As of right now, we’re planning to stay closed through June (I’m liking the term dormancy, feels super legit), and then reassess the safety factor.
  • How can you stay connected during the dormancy + sabbatical? If you sign up for the Divine Earth newsletter, you’ll get my six-step approach to pruning that I’ve developed over the past 26 years. (Wow, 26 years!) And during the sabbatical I’ll most likely be posting on Instagram a bit, so you are invited to join me there!

Good pruning can change your life -- not just your yard!

An overgrown yard can feel like a crazy mess, overwhelming and crowded, and have you confused about where to even begin.

That’s where we come in. Our awesome pruning can restore order and beauty out of chaos, so you have space to breathe again.

Your yard will look beautiful. Your plants will be healthy, thriving and flowering.

And all sorts of new things can open up in your life.


divine earth provides experienced hand pruning for natural beauty and plant vitality.

We specialize in the pruning, maintenance and restoration of small trees, orchards, shrubs, vines, climbing roses and native plants.

Our pruning is seasonally appropriate, contemplatively rendered, and cost-effective.

Corva and her team know plants and trees like nobody else. Plus they are attuned to meeting the challenges of our increasingly arid environment. divine earth does much more than prune — they coax the most out of our xeric landscape!
Peg & Charlie
Northeast Heights
In pruning our weeping mulberry, Corva revealed her inner goddess -- thank you!
Taylor Ranch
They did fabulous job on my trees. As always, her work, and the work of her crew, is pure magic.
Nob Hill

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about upcoming workshops, inspiration for your yard,
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