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Small Trees

At divine earth, we can help restore your old fruit trees and orchards...

...maintain and train espalier (flat) style fruit trees, like these apples...

...and help prune and mulch young trees...

so that they grow good branch, and root, structure.

We do most of our fruit tree pruning while the trees are completely dormant. (before)


Crabbe apples are a bit different. In order to minimize reactive growth that's very vertical/straight...

...we prune them after flowering.

Peaches should definitely be pruned every year, to prevent branch breakages.

We also take care of many varieties of non-fruiting trees. Divine earth has been training this chinese pistache since it was planted in 2001. In 2007, we removed a few small lower branches, thus continuing to gradually raise the canopy over the house.

After removing the branches.

Two satisfied customers by their golden plum in January 2010. We pruned it to reduce fruit weight, remove dead branches, and encourage new interior growth.

July 2010, they had a very good harvest, with no branch breaks...

...and the fruit was beautiful and tasty!


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