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At divine earth, we prune from the inside out. Why? To remove congestion and dead wood, to let more light and air into the interior of the shrub, and to encourage new growth on the inside, thus regenerating the plant.

Even in something unusually formal, like this pyracantha arch...

...we continually encourage new interior sprouts and train in new branches.

We have been thinning and shaping this beautiful pyracantha since 2002. Due to our careful pruning, it has gradually slowed its growth and now needs only one annual trim!

Sometimes a pathway is obstructed...

...and we can create more spaciousness while revitalizing the shrubs.

Sometimes a shrub has been hedged almost beyond recognition. This is a rose of sharon in January 2006, kept low and tight so that it wouldn't obstruct the neighbor's house number.

The same rose of sharon after her first restorative pruning, January 2006.

One year later, January 2007.

In May 2007, after some thinning, her form is beginning to show.

September 2008, she flowers! We continue to clean up the base to encourage upward growth.

September 2009, we remove one cane at the base (on right) and start to train in some small shoots for future canes of different sizes, which will be much more pleasing to the eye.

April 2010, after a bit of thinning. Her form has been restored, and the neighbor's house number is clearly visible!

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