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The result of good pruning.

This Sally Holmes pillar rose had previously been growing up a Russian Olive, until the tree fell over in the wind. Suddenly the rose needed a new support pillar.

A metal arch was selected and installed, and the rose pruned.

The following May, Ms. Sally Holmes bloomed beautifully, and was well-supported.

In June 2007, this Lady Banks Rose was way overgrown, and although it had been repeatedly cut back and tied up...

...clearly, there was too much mass/weight, and not enough beauty/support, on that corner of the porch.

We began with a dramatic thinning...

...followed by the installation of a substantial trellis made by a local Corrales blacksmith.


October 2007, four months later, it doesn't look like she minded that major haircut in the least!

February 2010: This North Valley heirloom rose garden was in need of some clipping!

Here's the same garden after two days of enjoyable and satisfying pruning...

..and here it is in June.


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