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now is the time for pruning...

September - December

Now is the time to schedule pruning and renovating of:

  • Vines: wisteria should be trimmed by the end of October so that it sets its buds for the spring bloom; honeysuckle should be trimmed by the end of September to regrow a bit before the first freeze; red trumpet vine can be trimmed and cleaned out from now through October and then beginning again in March/April; clematis should be pruned now through November; silver lace vine can be pruned any time; other vines can be pruned now through October.
  • Overgrown shrubs: It's a perfect time to clear pathways and touch up the form on most shrubs, and to do a bit of interior renovation as well: boxwoods, photinias, silverberry, euonimous, and most native shrubs. Not sure if your shrubs can be pruned now? Give Corva a call: 203-8968.
  • Uncommon Trees (our favorites!): Magnolias can be pruned now through winter; Japanese Maples get their dormant pruning November through January (and can be touched up in June-Aug); Birches can be pruned November through January; Pomegranites get their dormant pruning as they come out of dormancy in April/May; Curly Willows get their dormant pruning November through January. Not seeing your favorite, uncommon tree here? Call Corva at 203-8968.
  • Fabuously Divine garden clean-ups: We do package deals on leaf clean-up, weeding, tidying, and mulching, leaving your garden looking wonderful for fall and winter. Call for more information.
  • Many hardy trees can be pruned at this time. Please feel free to call with questions!

Please call/email (203-8968; corvarose@gmail.com) to get on our lists for:

  • evergreens (November - December)
  • fruit and nut trees (Jan - Feb)
  • roses (Mar)
  • grapes, raspberries, blackberries, currants (Feb - Mar)

For a FREE estimate, call Corva Rose at (505) 203-8968


505.203.8968 • P.O. Box 6646, Albuquerque, NM 87197

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