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Native Plants

Normally, native New Mexican shrubs don't require (or appreciate) extensive pruning. Such was the case with this lovely buffalo berry...

...and this desert willow...

...and this hedgerow of native roses, grasses, forestiera, and desert willow.

This apache plume was beginning to get too big for its space and had been hedged back quite a lot...

...so we thinned it out at the base and layered it so that it could regrow with fresh shoots for a few years.

In this case, this forestiera was spilling out onto the sidewalk and thus had been repeatedly hedged.

We thinned out half of the canes, especially the ones growing toward the wall and sidewalk, and left the height.

This glorious vitex hedge (native to southern Europe, but has a manner similar to some native New Mexican plants) needed dead-wooding, and gentle shaping along the driveway. (September 2009)

After pruning


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